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Should i?


I am dying for a jean like that! But Is it too much? I like its rock n’roll / grunge style. This one is from Asos . It has been such a long time since I haven’t been to Asos what a shame.… Read more

Oh Hi! Joomi Lim!

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 11.48.43

I discover thanks to my friend Gloria this amazing jewelry line Joomi Lim. I really like the spirit classic and rock of her designs. I particularly felt for her necklaces and earrings they are so cool!Read more



Yes… She did AGAIN…

The question is do you want to get the Hiking trail look now??? I am not sure I am convinced of this guide de montagne mountain guide aspect but the last image made me think… It looks great doesn’t it?… Read more